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What is Living Soil?

The term, living soil, may be a little misleading in that the soil per se isn't alive, but rather contains a community of living microbes. Which is why some may refer to living soil as true living organics, no-till or super soil. Nevertheless, the microbes in living soil work in harmony with the roots of plants to feed each other. Microbes break down organic matter the roots can feed on, in exchange for carbons and sugars. As a result, living soil needs very little human input compared to other agricultural methods. And of course, less human input means less human error.

Why use Locoal® Living Soil?

Locoal® living soil utilizes premium, 100% hardwood, organic biochar(Locoal® Organic Biochar) as the backbone to this super soil mixture. The high porosity of Locoal® Organic Biochar not only is key in water management, but also provides a habitat for microbes to flourish. The stability of biochar means these microbes have a place to call home, providing nutrients for hundreds or even thousands of years to come. And of course, Locoal® Living Soil includes all the benefits of Locoal® Organic Biochar as well.

Locoal® Living Soil features

Drought Resistance


The biochar contained within Locoal® Living Soil retains moisture. So, you don't need to water as much.

Labor Reduction


Locoal® Living soil requires less human input which means less human error, resulting in less problems to solve.

Grow Big


With Locoal® Living soil's full spectrum of nutrients and water management, there's nothing holding plants back from their full potential.

Nutrient Retention


Locoal® Living Soil's biochar provides a habitat for beneficial microbes to flourish and deliver nutrients to your plants for centuries to come.

Grow Organic


Locoal® Living Soil is all organic, never requiring you to add chemicals, fertilizers or any kind of amendment for that matter.

Carbon Capture


That's right! For every cubic yard of Locoal® Living Soil purchased, you're offsetting carbon emissions equivalent to the average car driving about 100 miles.