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LOCOAL is focused on innovating circular technologies for the human world while producing sustainable benefits for the natural world.



Co-Founder & CEO

Miles Murray is the co-founder and CEO of Locoal Charcoal Company and an award-winning technologist, decorated combat veteran, dedicated father, husband, and die-hard environmental conservationist.

A passionate leader and teammate, Miles professional experience ranges from building schools and bridges in combat zones to transforming multiple technology systems at a Fortune 100 financial company.

In addition to industry experience, Miles holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and environmental engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, an MBA from the University of Texas in San Antonio, and a Master of Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas in Austin.



Co-Founder & CIO

Matthew “Petey” Peterson is the co-founder and Chief Impact Officer (CIO) of the Locoal Charcoal Company—and unanimously voted “best human being for the planet.”

As the “heart and soul” of Locoal, Petey brings a unique expertise and passion to zero-waste management solutions, sustainable product development practices, environmental remediation methods, food and water security, and is co-inventor and chief collaborator on most of Locoal’s technologies and products.

Prior to launching Locoal, Petey completed his bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO, master’s degree in technology Commercialization from Austin, TX, and is a Texas Master Gardener.


Joshua Rasey


Joshua has a passion for problem solving and bringing people together. He is a U.S. Army Veteran Tank Commander and is the only team member to have served alongside all of the Veterans in the Locoal Charcoal Company.

Richard Paco


Paco is a proud father and has multi-industry experience in product and supply chain management, and finance. Since the military, his attention to detail and management style have made an impact in the industries he has worked in.

Garrett Gordon


The brain behind the machine - Garrett Gordon is an extraordinary engineer with experience across an impressive array of scientific fields. He is native to the State of Washington and an avid fisherman.

Curt Charles

Production Manager

Curt is a combat veteran with proven experience in logistics and work force deployment. He has a natural ability to stay calm under pressure and keep the team focused on the task at hand.

Tim Parkison

Lead Fabricator

Tim is an experienced welder and combat veteran with a wide range of engineering experience. His dedication to metallurgy is second to his two wonderful daughters.

Jeremy Peterson

Warehouse Manager

Jeremy is a native Oregonian who is passionate about the Locoal mission. He’s an experienced metal fabricator, an avid outdoorsman, and father to three lovely daughters.

Justin Blocker

Digital Designer

Justin is a U.S. Army combat veteran and software coder who currently develops UI and UX for Locoal. He loves golfing among many outdoor activities, and his Oculus VR headset.

Ren "Jawa" Lascelles

Director of Marketing

.Jawa is our “brand curator”. His experience in Sports Advertising, Music, and Film have manifested themselves in his unique ability to connect with audiences through media and data.



Coalman is a black Labrador Retriever with experience in sniffing and finding random things.